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Welcome to Oasis Adolescent Services

Oasis Adolescent Services is an Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' children's home for young people aged 11-18 years old. Supported by experienced carers on a 1:1 basis, our home is a small and bespoke three bedded nurturing environment where young people access bespoke education programmes as well as ensuring they receive the therapeutic input that they require.


Our team at Oasis prides itself in getting our young people to achieve. We do this be creating a homely and safe environment, where guidance, boundaries and role models pave the way for a robust parenting approach, enabling our children to grow and reach their full potential. Our aim is to help young people develop a set of transferrable skills, to maximise their ability to progress into semi-independent living by developing a meaningful relationships based on the core value of mutual respect.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help children and young people to develop their social, independence and education skills so they can fulfil their aspirations and potential.

Oasis offers a range of bespoke high quality residential care and educational for young people within a safe and homely environment and has been specifically designed to support individuals in leading active and independent lives.

We empower and inspire young people to make the right choices in pursuit of their passion and happiness, through a broad and bespoke curriculum. With dedicated staff, a unique approach and purpose-built facilities; we provide a supportive, safe and happy environment where all young people make progress regardless of ability level.

Our Ethos

At Oasis, we belive that everyone has the right to:

  • Be treated with respect.

  • Be accepted for who we are.

  • Be listened to and supported.

  • Try their best and be recognised for their achievements.

  • Learn in a safe environment where educational resources are cared for.

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Eating Breafast


Oasis's educational curriculum is creative, individualised and flexible, tailored to the complex learning needs of the individual pupil and enabling those needs to be met. It supports our vision by giving pupils the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment in which there is a focus on recognising achievement and supporting progression.

Individualised Timetable

In addition to the academic curriculum, individualised timetables provide opportunities for pupils to withdraw from some lessons to participate in therapy sessions. The curriculum is enriched by educational trips and visits, local community links and opportunities within the timetable to engage with new experiences such as music workshops, gardening and educational visits. Our focus on the creative curriculum has developed an innovative approach to the way we meet the special and often challenging needs of pupils.

Our Environment

We provide the best physical environment for the residential care and educational needs of young people. Our building includes specialist facilities that provide a spacious, calm and safe environment in which young people can thrive and learn. Such facilities fully support our creative learning curriculum and a “Total Communication” approach to our care and education.

State-of-the-art facilities

At Oasis our education supports the sensory dietary requirements of young people, that is, sight, sound, touch and smell to develop their senses, co-ordination and communication, promoting interaction, concentration, calmness and confidence.


Life skills

We support young people to develop a strong work ethic from daily chores, participating in extra-curricular activities and organisations within the community. Young people are supported to develop independent living skills including cooking in a home style setting, cleaning and washing up. Children also regularly take trips to attend concerts, museums, plays and athletic sporting events.

Student Doing Homework

Contact Oasis

Oasis Adolescent Services Limited

6-10 High Street




Tel. 07894 535 440

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